Thursday, April 29, 2010

Book Club Reflection #3

Everybody had their stuff ready again. This group wa. Not very good today because me and Lachlan finished up our one question we had left. We were supposed to share tomorrow but since that's all that was holding us back we went ahead and we finished as we went. It also felt very rushed. If it would have been my decision we would have met tomorrow but atleast now it's done and over with for now!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Book Club Reflection #2

As a 2nd group meeting came to an end I felt satisfied with what we accomplished.  Even though we got 1/3 of our questions done we had a very involved discussion as Mr. Goerend got us started.  Once again everyone had their "stuff" done for group.  I felt like I was constantly talking over Lachlan in our discussion.  1st off because I had lots that I knew, had connected, or wanted to share.  2nd because he talks very quietly.  What I pulled out of that was that our discussion was just very involved!

Book Club Reflection #1

Our group worked very well together. Everyone had their stuff done. I do feel that there could be better discussion and work ethic.