Monday, January 27, 2014

You Matter: Own It, Embrace It, Share It

This past week, being only 2.5 days of school, has been one of the most inspiring of the entire school
year. Not because of the constant snow days or double the amount of sleep, but because of the transformed atmosphere within the building. Created by and for students, over 1,500 inspirational messages were masterminded and plastered onto every locker in the school in one day. I spear headed a similar project last year [video below] done with merely 700 signs and two months of prep work at a junior high
building within the district but putting quantities aside, each project has had the same effect. Each project has brightened someones mood, averted a mind from negative thoughts even if just for a second, and I don't think anyone would argue that they dislike the messages seen across campus. This is the most organic, passionate, and selfless work I have witnessed from high school students. Keep on keeping on because everyone should know and share that they truly matter. Trust me, it's an amazing feeling.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Not In School These Days

I'm not here to bash common core, demand different forms of assessments, redefine the instructional strategies of teachers, or nag about the lack of technology use, or anything else one can find argued about on Twitter. I'm just sharing some food for thought today on how I see students view their own learning everyday.

Teacher: "You need the sheet back in order to get any points back."
Student: "Yeah, the most important part."
Teacher: "No, learning is the most important part."
Student: "Not in school these days."

The real question is, is learning the most important thing happening in your classroom? Your school? Your district?