Saturday, May 22, 2010

Macintosh Meltdown

I have always wanted a Mac Book. I'm not sure how the obsession started but it did.  @russgoerend suggested to earn money over the Summer to buy one next Fall using education discounts from Apple. I am now stuck on what to do to earn money. I am thinking of some how mowing lawns and during the winter shoveling driveways.  I now do not know which to buy. I could either get a Mac Mini or a Mac Book. If I buy the Mac mini I'm not sure if I will get wi-fi reception in my room and there's no phone line. I would also use a Dell monitor I all ready have and a Logitech wireless mouse. I would get an Apple keyboard just because they are sweet! That total would cost me $677. If I buy a Mac book it could go anywhere in the house, always have wi-fi, built in keyboard and mouse, and no extra costs. That is at the flat cost of $999. I'm not sure if the $330 difference in price is worth it. I'd love to have a Mac book but it's still kind of hazy.  Please share your opinions.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Summer Activities

In the small little suburban town  of Waukee there's not much to do in the summer. =D (It's a Waukee joke! There's really 10,000 people in Waukee!) Anyways.... I am going to fill my summer with lots of activities trying to get rid of the constant "I'm bored!" feeling I always have. My plans are:
  • volunteer at downtown farmers market
  • bike either to Adel or into the Clive greenbelt twice a week
  • volunteer at the waukee public library
  • Help teachers through the ambassador program this summer
  • volunteer at bible school
Let me know your summer plans in a comment box!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

School communication with technology

Today someone was sick and was looking for the homework assignment. She texted a friend in her class and got that. Later on while I was chatting with her and she had a question. I told her to send me the message. This is what she sent.  Instantaneously after I said that I thought, "Let's look online for the textbook!" After visiting I found a very helpful math page with quizzes and test prep. It even had an online book.  Sadly it needed a password. Then I started wondering if even the math teacher knows that this website is here. Anyways I helped her with the pages by sending her a picture of a study our math teacher gave us. I'm still just wondering what it would be like if she had contacted the math teacher? Would she get a reply? Would she get help on Monday? Who knows... Leave your comments about what you think!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Book club Reflection #4

Effort is slacking in people while others are getting a hang of it and putting forth more effort. Our discussions were very powerful and meaning. (without the help of Mr. Goerend). This was a pretty good group time.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Town History

History of our town is something that I absolutely love.  I can be one of those people where if it doesn't effect me why do I care.  Our town history is something that effects me and is very interesting. (in my opinion)

Here's what I know so far.

  • The white 2 story building on the corner of the Triangle currently holding apartments was once the Waukee Hotel and had a 3rd floor.
  • The little yellow cute looking building on the side of the current Waukee Elementary building was once the school house until 1917 when the brick building was built. It had a 2nd floor and bell tower.
  • The building that everyone knows as W.E. was built in 1917 and has been added onto 4 numerous times.  Until the 70's or so the Middle school, High school, and Elementary school was all in that building.  None of them were connected together like they are now.  They all had seperate entrances.
  • The old St. Boniface catholic church (that I attend) has a full basement underneath that is very mysterious.  It now houses the Area Art Council.
  • Evidently the 4th floor offices at W.E. are haunted, if you believe that. (I threw that in for kicks)
As you can tell this is something I'm very interested in.  If you know anything else about any of these topics or Waukee History in general or have any questions please let me know!

By the way a lot of my stuff comes from the Waukee Website.  Here is an interesting photo album.