Saturday, July 18, 2015

Back At School...

I've been doing a lot of thinking this Summer on how school is setup to serve the majority of students and prepare them to be workers and doers, not thinkers and innovators. There are students that are not being given the attention they need and deserve because of large teacher to student ratios. Nearly all students go to school just to get through it: many of them are successful in that and many are not. Tavion confirmed some of my thoughts in the rap he posted to Facebook I included below.

Back at school I was a fool the loner stoner who just wanted to be cool but then I opened my eyes and realized the true lies that occupies the young minds which reminds me there is no prize at the end of the line see those kids at school weren't actually cool they just over ruled with their pools jewels and ridicules and you're fed up but you gotta keep you're head up cause when we grow up they blow up. To non-existent in an instant this generations flooded with infants young minds who are stuck in the blinds who have the potential to change the world but their too busy chasin girls this says a lot about us no wonder why our parents fuss were not becoming anybody we're just a bunch of living silly putty and it's funny cause we act as if we got it figured out but we don't and we won't. see they say schools supposed to fuel us for tomorrow's life but tomorrow's strife wasn't part of the lesson plan so we began to see it was all a lie so why do we try? So we need to spread our wings and fly become our own kings and strive cause when the time arrives you'll realize to survive you gotta revive your mind, let go and grind...-Tavion Lashley