Tuesday, November 30, 2010

#PassionDriven Conversations: Passion Is Contagious!

Passion is contagious!
Compare passion to a virus. When you are by people that have passion for something, their passion is spread to you.  Thinking on, There are also thousands of different viruses to catch just like everyone has passion for something different.
Let's use me as an example: Why am I constantly in the library, shelving books, cleaning, organizing, Tweeting about libraries, blogging about libraries & librarians?  Because I am PASSIONATE about libraries!   Because the librarian SHARED her passion with me and I have shared my passion with tons of others that would've never come across this role. Between the last 1 ½ years I have helped at our school library I have had 5 extremely different people come and help me do all the above.   Why? Why are they there?  Are they that good of friends?  OR do they truly love helping at the library?  YOU tell me.
Now if you would apply the role that passion plays in everyday life do you think it truly matters?   OF COURSE!!!
If a passionate teacher who took extra time at the beginning and end of their workday to have students come in or meet with students during their planning or study hall time Do you think that student would learn more than if their teacher worked from 8-3 and doesn't allot time to individually meet with students?
Now let's think big corporate world.  Take Walmart for example, Do you ever see them passionate about saving people money?  Or donating to charity?  NO! It's all about the money.  You could argue they are passionate about making money but is that necessarily a good trait or passion to have?   Now look at Verizon Wireless.  They have stores across the country & world but each store is involved in the community. They are passionate about being a positive influence in the community. They sponsor the public library's summer reading program, the schools, & public events.
After reading this you may ask "Why do I care?" 

Because what if everyone was a Walmart company? No personal responsibility, community involvement, passion in their work positions? Do we really want to find out what that world would look like? I hope not!