Wednesday, April 20, 2011


     Today I spent the day at the Iowa 1:1 Institute in Des Moines.  This is first in a series of posts about my day at the convention.

     If you're reading this, you probably found it from Twitter, right?
     That means that Twitter is a great education tool, right?
     If you said "Yes" to either one of those questions, you're right.
     So if Twitter is that great, how do we get new Tweeters on board with it too?

     This was an interesting topic that we discussed at the Tweet Up in the afternoon.  @AngelaMaiers made a metaphor that works beautifully with the topic!

     Twitter is your Neighborhood BBQ.  When you're NEW to the neighborhood (Twitter) you're kind of nervous and reluctant about jumping in and talking to people unless you've all ready met them.  You also aren't obligated to bring anything to the potluck for the first time, just eat what everyone else brought (Not tweeting, just lurking & getting info).  Unless you absolutely hate your neighborhood you'll come back to the next BBQ and have some familiar faces, bring a dessert, converse with a few people here and there. (Tweet a little, get some followers)  IF you never bring anything to the BBQ then you're neighbors might start despising you. BUT, eventually you'll be hosting your own BBQ and having people bring, desserts, and their own NEW friends (Expert tweeter, established followers, PLN). So within a year you're no longer the neighborhood newbie but the party host with your own friends and connections.  SO, how'd you get to be the party host?

It's just a few simple steps...

  • Be on Twitter; add a bio, picture, location.
  • Tweet often; even if it's only five a day.
  • Find followers that tweet about your passion.
  • Start tweeting about your passion and involving yourself in conversations
How did you become the tweeter you are today?  How can you help a friend that needs to get started?  What else is essential in being a part of the Twitter Culture?