Friday, October 7, 2011

I Let Go

Today I let go of every and anything normal.  My day was a routine, a boring and repetitive routine.

  1. I woke up at 6:40 this morning, 30 minutes later than normal.  I put clothes on, brushed my teeth, grabbed my phone, and was out the door 15 minutes after.  
  2. I snapped this morning in the library, tried to ignore the fact that I did it and moved on (or so I thought).
  3. I organized stencils into a perfect stack while we watched a video.
  4. I watched Finding Nemo in Spanish and wrote down new words.
  5. I went to art and focused on painting. Just painting. Everything else was blocked out.
  6. I went to P.E. and played dodge ball for 10 minutes until I left early to eat lunch with my advisory.
  7. I ate lunch (cheese bread ins't too long of a lunch) while listening to everyone elses weekend plans, relationship drama, and sports team arguments (the regular 8th grade chatter).
  8. I put on a peppy mood when we were doing our 1k walk and cheering on others but my mood fell off after doing that for 2 hours.
  9. I watched yet another movie in social studies on the French & Indian War.  It was probably the highlight of my day.
  10. I took a quiz in math and missed one problem (and got 85% on it).  I didn't even bat an eye when I didn't get an A.
  11. I participated in 40 minutes of credible sources and searching techniques in English.
  12. I fixed a TV, projector, and worked on a video question for 3 different teachers. It was a slow day tech help wise.
My point of giving you my daily schedule wasn't to make you feel sad for the off day I had or about how many movies and quizzes and notes I take a day (you wouldn't believe it).  It was to show you that I made it through a day of doing this.  I let go of any emotions after 7:55 this morning.  I put no effort into the remainder of my day.  I let go of any leadership I had in me and was a regular person.  I followed others all day and probably couldn't have told you what time it was all day.  I worried about nothing but the one task at hand.  I didn't read a book all day and got something out of my binder once.  I did things like a regular middle schooler, like the other 825 kids in the building.  I felt like a robot.