Friday, April 27, 2012

1908 Prairie Hill (Poetry)

I wrote this during writers workshop last Thursday and thought that it needed to be published somewhere. It is not intended to describe the Waukee Community School District in any way, shape, or form but stands as an eye opener to anyone willing to read.

As I sit here
in this class
I wonder how everyone can pass.
The world is changing,
and we're sitting still
in this static class,
from the Prairie Hill.

Nothing is new
it will all break down soon
for the new is too new,
for this One Room Retention House.

The lectures are long
the learning is little.
No one gets nowhere,
in this Brick Bomb Shelter
stuck in the middle.

Just because
we were taught
the same stuff from years ago, like
and how to bake cookie dough,
you won't give us a job
anywhere but the old Prairie Hill?

I walk through the halls
and can't help but wonder,
if its a new century.
I can't really notice
inside of this
and darkening 
place that they call school.

-Ian Coon