Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Kind Word is Never Wasted

Last night I pondered upon this post that absolutely outraged me. After a night of sleeping it off it still bothers me but I am going to view it as a teachable moment.

Why would you post something negative about another person online?* Yes, you did not tag him in your post but that does not make it okay. How many people have now seen this and think differently of you? It's not cool and it never will be. Businesses will not hire you for treating others like that. Do you realize the real influence your voice has in person and online? It is not just your life being affected here either, think of the kid you are making fun of. Your stupidity has a much more serious effect on him. Think of the humiliation he felt when people commented about this event to him in person and now, you have the nerve to post it online and keep the situation going!? Of all people, a school ambassador, representing more than yourself, posted this online to torment someone forever. Is it not bad enough this student is teased and ignored everyday in person? I'm not sure about you but I do not take this lightly. I know how it feels and no one else should have to also.

The next time this situation comes up, view it as a teaching moment with your students. Don't ban or block it, teach them appropriate use. I could not be the bystander in this situation. Make sure they understand the true power of their words and the influential power everyone of us holds so dearly. Our world will get nowhere with the attitude, actions and consequences of bullying one another. Choose to care and choose to matter about yourself and others.

*And No, Facebook is NOT fair game. It's online and will be kept forever.