Thursday, July 29, 2010

I Inspired Him

After screwing around with my technology to be able to write this blog post I have lost my momentum. Please excuse the lack of clarity and perfection.

The 411: I am at a sleepover with my best friend. He is playing video games, & I never was one for video games so I went outside to read my newly started novel "Beat The Street".  After about 5 minutes he came up and asked what I was reading so I told him the synopsis of the book.  

After about another 5 minutes he asked, "Hey that looks good could I read a couple pages?"

Of course I handed over my book immediately because this is a kid who has a hate towards reading & would NEVER pick up a book by choice or force, even during school!
Why was I able to get him to read when everyone else failed?  Was that truly the power of friendship or boredom?