Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Full Of Everything

I have not written in a while, shame on me!  I am trying to get into a regular routine now that summer has come to an end.  A part of my daily routine will be blogging more unlike this summer. Also now as summer comes to an end it is time to reflect, here goes nothing!

June:  It wasn't realistic that it was all ready summer and it felt like there was so much time left to do everything. Wrong!  June was the beginning of my volunteering services for the library, farmers market, VBS, & the school.  I also started to have 2 guest bloggers here, they have been great!

July:  I vacationed & watched a friends house while they were away.  It was also a great month for biking & mowing.

August: I ended the summer with lots of helping at school, a party at the library, & the start of the Ambassadors at school.

For me this was not a typical summer because not once did I ever say "I'm bored."