Sunday, August 22, 2010

Late Night Learning?

Friday was the start of football season so You know who went to the 1st game? ME!  The next morning I was thinking back & came up with something worthy of blogging, comparing the 1st day of school to a football game.
RED= game
BLUE= school

You walk in & you feel extremely late because there are about 10 big circles of kids you know but you don't want to budge in so you just walk around a bit.
You walk in & feel very strange the 1st day because everything is new and nothing is the same as last year.  Some of your friends moved away or are not in your classes anymore.

After 30 min. of walking & wandering you find someone you know & haven't seen forever that also doesn't have a group & is with people she doesn't like but, doesn't want to stand out for being alone.
Around the 3-5th day you have a group of 3-5 people that are in some of your classes & welcomed you to their lunch table.

after 1/2 time you are comfortable with your surroundings & are having fun with the people you've found.
You know more about your teachers & the way they operate.  Everyone in the class has a position (shy kid in the back, know it all, class clown, etc...)

There's only 25 min. left of the game & you feel like you just got here & you're having a blast!
Things are gliding by & everyone but you wants school to end so they can leave.

Do you feel the same way?  Was this a good comparison?