Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Top 10 quotes from Iowa 1:1 Institue 2011

Angela Maiers made the infamous top ten quotes list at #ITEC10 so here's mine for #i11i.

10. "bandwidth is critical!" Tech coordinators group
9.  "Hashtags are like a look into the collective subconscious of those schools." @SMGHogan
8. “We decided that we were doing it, and we did it.” Admin group
7. "1:1 is not going to help improve test scores." Admin group
6. "The world is shrinking, and most people don't even know it." @CoachB0066
5.  "I'm smart, just not three paragraphs double spaced smart." @shermanmi
4.  "Teachers need to stop hiding behind points” @russgoerend @mctownsley
3.  "Twitter is your Neighborhood BBQ, SO how'd you get to be the party host?" @angelamaiers
2.  “Technology does not equal learning.” @mcleod
1.  "Providing students a laptop will not magically improve the quality of instruction provided to students." @DeronDurflinger