Sunday, June 26, 2011

I Failed

This afternoon the 5 year-old was playing Angry Birds on the laptop when she told me, "I failed this level".  So I took the laptop and restarted her level and told her to do it again.  30 seconds later, "I failed AGAIN."  So I took the laptop and did the level for her.

On Angry Birds it may not matter but in life or education would you have done the same thing?

Would you as a teacher taken their math book and done the assignment for them, NO
Would you give them another test without teaching them about what they did wrong. NO.

You would've helped them through it and made sure they mastered the concept/level/assignment before you gave them harder tasks.  Are we as educators making sure that our students master the concept before we challenge them with more difficult concepts.

How do you conference with your students?  Are you accurately assessing?  Do you do any proper reteaching of the skill?  How do you know when it clicks in a student?