Sunday, May 9, 2010

School communication with technology

Today someone was sick and was looking for the homework assignment. She texted a friend in her class and got that. Later on while I was chatting with her and she had a question. I told her to send me the message. This is what she sent.  Instantaneously after I said that I thought, "Let's look online for the textbook!" After visiting I found a very helpful math page with quizzes and test prep. It even had an online book.  Sadly it needed a password. Then I started wondering if even the math teacher knows that this website is here. Anyways I helped her with the pages by sending her a picture of a study our math teacher gave us. I'm still just wondering what it would be like if she had contacted the math teacher? Would she get a reply? Would she get help on Monday? Who knows... Leave your comments about what you think!