Saturday, May 22, 2010

Macintosh Meltdown

I have always wanted a Mac Book. I'm not sure how the obsession started but it did.  @russgoerend suggested to earn money over the Summer to buy one next Fall using education discounts from Apple. I am now stuck on what to do to earn money. I am thinking of some how mowing lawns and during the winter shoveling driveways.  I now do not know which to buy. I could either get a Mac Mini or a Mac Book. If I buy the Mac mini I'm not sure if I will get wi-fi reception in my room and there's no phone line. I would also use a Dell monitor I all ready have and a Logitech wireless mouse. I would get an Apple keyboard just because they are sweet! That total would cost me $677. If I buy a Mac book it could go anywhere in the house, always have wi-fi, built in keyboard and mouse, and no extra costs. That is at the flat cost of $999. I'm not sure if the $330 difference in price is worth it. I'd love to have a Mac book but it's still kind of hazy.  Please share your opinions.