Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Digging Deeper Into ITEC 2010

About 1 week ago I attended & presented at the #ITEC10 conference in Coralville,IA. This was my 1st conference of any type that I attended or presented at.  I am planning on going next year.

When I 1st arrived at ITEC the hotel was bigger than I in pictured.  It was a very nice Marriott attached to a convention center that also seemed quite big.  One of the 1st people I saw when I arrived was Mrs. Goerend.  When Molly (co-presenter) & I were walking down the hall to our room before lunch we passed about 5 BIG rooms that could hold 100-200 people.  That was really scary because I thought there were only 7 total presenters per day.  I also started to think that Mr. Goerend was lying (just to make us less nervous) about the size of our room being small.

We (Molly & I) met up with Mr. G and went to lunch, which by the way, was too fancy for my liking.  Also to my squandering knowledge of conferences there was a vendor hall with 75+ vendors.  That was my favorite part.  Somehow every single one of them heard that I was coming and brought plenty of chocolate candy.

As people were entering our conference and we were in the room I was talking with people I knew because I had to occupy myself so I wouldn't be nervous.  Once we got past the 1st 2 slides everything went great!

On the beginning slides I forgot to mention some of my "roll playing" and why they were something to have on a blog.  The discussions that we had planned to be 2-3 minutes long were easily 7-10 minutes long.  There was lots of great discussion and @mctownsley was tweeting out some memorable quotes.  I also met a person that went to high school with my principal.  at the end of the presentation after our thankings and resources slide there was a "surprise" public thanks to Mr. G for helping us do all this.

That night I had 30+ Twitter mentions and had 2 quotes on @angelamaiers top 10 quotes list.

At the end of this I realized 3 things. 1.I LOVE conferences!!  2.I accidentally took the spotlight for most of it leaving Molly on the edge a bit. and 3.I am coming to this next year!

In case you'd like to get some insight of what I'm talking about here is the set of slides we used.