Thursday, October 7, 2010

Schools In Need!

This is a program That Iowa Windstream has put together.  The website is HERE to vote.  It is the exact same thing as the Pepsi Refresh program but smaller & just with 8 rural Iowan cities.  You don't need an account or anything to vote & you can vote once a day.

You can vote for what ever you like or not at all but I REALLY  urge you to vote for Charter Oak-Ute Elementary School.
"Charter Oak-Ute Elementary serves ages 4-12. It wants to give 21st century learners access to 21st century technology. Over half of the rural school's population is on free or reduced lunch. Funding is tight. Their computer lab, shown above, is no longer functioning. They need a new lab to give their students a 21st century learning environment." Iowa WindStream Website.
Charter Oak-Ute Elementary Computer lab
Like I said before you do not have to vote for them, you do not have to vote at all but I really encourage everyone to participate.