Sunday, October 17, 2010

What was ITEC?

        1. #ITEC10 was a little conference put together by 5 old college friends with 10-15 presenters.
    • It was humongous with about 20 different conference rooms all running at the same time.
    • There was a vendor hall with over 75 vendors.
    • There were easily 300 people at lunch on Monday.

2. The only presenters there were a bunch of no-name people.
    • I was there. ;)
    • There were 2-4 BIG conference rooms that seat about 200, That were used all day.
    • They flew 2 people in on Sunday to start it off on a good note.

        3. It was held in a cheap, old hotel where the wi-fi went out twice.
    • The hotel was no more than 2 years old.
    • The convention center was state-of-the-art.
    • There was great coverage, everywhere!

       4. It was a great conference where learning was constantly available and no one felt limited to the opportunities available!