Monday, February 21, 2011

#SBAR Thoughts

I haven't really gotten into this pool of education yet, just because I don't know a lot about it.  I'm dipping my feet in and testing out the waters.

I am making generalizations of the people involved in Waukee Middle Schools transition.

A majority of parent's don't support it:

They think,

  • It's hard to see their child's overall understanding of the subject.
  • How will they transition into high school?
  • How do you know your GPA?

A majority of students don't support it:

They think,

  • It doesn't give them anything to strive for.
    • Now:  "I want to get an A in Science and a 4.1 GPA"
    • Future "I want to get an S in writing multiple stanza poems"
  • It will be difficult to see what my grades are at any point.
A majority of teachers love it: 

They think,

  • It helps them serve individual students better.
  • They can reteach as needed to those that need it.
  • They can sort their students by understanding of topics.
 Most of these concerns by parents and students are due to lack of knowledge of the topic.  Most people are looking at how it was during elementary school, NO Powerschool, no online communications or technology at all. 

It would be like me, buying a 1st generation iPhone and never buying one again because I didn't like it.  I need to realize that Apple has changed lots of things in the past 5 years and I should try it again.
So, stop comparing this to what is happening in elementaries, because we're not in elementary anymore.