Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Middle School Reflections

I am starting a new segment here on the blog.  I have asked classmates if they would want to help me blog about middle school or other topics they like or we decide on as a group.  I suggested to start with a middle school reflection but it can go anywhere they'd like!  They all have Google accounts so I can just put them as a writer of the blog.  I would keep watch and reign over all things happening but like @russgoerend has done with his english blog that I am a student/part of.  In order to keep track of who is writing what I would pre-create all posts and label them with their name and as I please.  I am doing this to suck more people in and get them thinking about learning.  Please let me know if you have any suggestions as what you might do in this situation or stand point.  I will keep comments of how many email responses or interests I have.  Please keep checking back to see how this is working.  Thanks!
P.S. I sent an email to 8 friends tonight and can guarantee at least 2 of them will like this idea.