Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Back To 6th Grade...

This probably wasn't the best title but it seemed like the best I could think of at this point in time.  Last night I was mentally reflecting about something very stupid that I said and for one reason or another this random event popped into my mind.  I am writing to perhaps figure out why I had thought of this.  Anyways here it goes...

It was just an ordinary in the spring of 2010.  We walked into science all 5 of our possy just as loud, rambunctious, and annoying as always.  You see we had science right after lunch so it wasn't that huge of a deal as long as we were quiet by the bell.  Our teacher had us write in our planners, get out our assignment from last night, and be ready for today's lab experiment.  I could see it coming from the front of the room,
"Johnny and Sally please finish your conversation", Said the teacher. 

I couldn't believe that is was just a warning!  Now to the actual part that sticks with me.

The same 2 people were whispering back and forth to each other while the teacher was reading. They were in the back of the room and sat right next to each other probably thinking no one would notice them or care.  Then just out of no where

"Write up your minor", Said the Teacher to Sally.

Lindey was closest to the middle row where she was noticeable.  Now my favorite part! I could see it in Johnny that it was really bugging him that they were both at fault but only one was punished.  She started reading aloud again.  That is when Johnny raised his hand and was called on.

He stuttered, "I was talking too..."

I could see that The Teacher was proud of him for standing up and taking his punishment.  It was almost like she did that on purpose to see what he would do.  Johnny did get a minor just like Sally but both of them never talked again...At least in that class.

"How do you change the world?"

"One Act of Random Kindness." ARK

If you've seen Evan Allmighty he does it a lot better than I can.