Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Passing Period to Remember

When I have thought recently about Middle School, one thing just keeps coming back to me.

There is this math teacher on the Orange Team.  On the first day of school everyone keeps there schedule/map in one hand and there books/binder in the other. So when I was looking at my schedule it read:
Period 2: P.E./Computer
I knew it was an A Day so I had P.E. The thing that always comes back to me is the I asked the math teacher where the gym was and he did a few weird steps to the left and said go straight. I felt so stupid that I could practically see the gym from where I was standing.
I think he remembers me asking him that because he always looks at me and talks to me funny in the halls. I feel embarrassed every time I see him like what is he gonna say?!?!?
It sounds kind of stupid, but I felt so weird after I left. Now I could do that with my eyes closed!