Saturday, June 26, 2010

We Care About What We Learn

As I arrived at the Downtown Farmers Market this morning to volunteer at the Pioneer Hi-Bred Tent I was overwhelmed with excitement.  I get very excited when I can make a connection from what I've learned in the classroom or what any of my Tweeps are talking about.  Back to the story...!  Johnny (My Dad's friend) was teaching this one guy about planting corn.

This guy was very interested in what he was learning from this guy he never met!  He had questions, Johnny had answers.  I was really wishing I had my iPod Touch or a computer with me to blog about it while happening and record the conversation for you but it was farmers market. What could I expect? That goes to show that learning can happen anywhere.  "Learning Is Life, Education Is A System." as Russ Goerend says.

What would happen if this were to happen in a classroom? If we were able to learn about what we loved? Would youth enjoy coming to school more because they would learn about what they wanted?