Monday, June 28, 2010

Good or Bad?!?!?!?

Today my mom came to me and said,
"Go sit on the couch for a little family meeting."

I was extremely nervous!!!! Last time she said that it was we're moving to Omaha, Nebraska. I was hoping it wasn't anything like this again. Then my dad leaves and turns the corner to get into a drawer in the desk. He comes back with two boxes. He gave one to me and one to my sister. At tht point I knew it was a phone!!! He gave me pink and my sister red. My mom could tell the look on my face wasn't good. He had mixed up the colors. My parents both know that I can't stand the color pink. So I got red, thank goodness.

My friend before had given me a whole list of numbers of my friends to text when I got a phone. So I started immediately. My sister didn't have any numbers so she was just figuring out a whole bunch of things th phone could do. You would think I would have been telling her how to do all this stuff, but was her!!