Sunday, June 13, 2010

Blog Friends!

Somtime this week there will be 1, maybe 2 people joining the blog.  As you might have noticed there are all ready some physical changes such as the rethinking of a Title, Live To Learn, and the rethinking of a welcome message.  The old one was very lame but now I almost feel like we're back in style.  It reads, "We live to learn, and learn from living. Enjoy learning along with us on our journey." That was my most favorite part of the changes.

  • There's also going to be more ways of navigation. Where it reads Your writer's is where you can click and read our Blogger Profiles.  Not too much their because of privacy issues.
  • Where it says Writers Is where you can click to read ONLY the posts by that writer.
These will change and vary from time to time but will always be there in the same spot.

As always we ask for comments and love your feedback on everything!