Monday, June 28, 2010

Good or Bad?!?!?!?

Today my mom came to me and said,
"Go sit on the couch for a little family meeting."

I was extremely nervous!!!! Last time she said that it was we're moving to Omaha, Nebraska. I was hoping it wasn't anything like this again. Then my dad leaves and turns the corner to get into a drawer in the desk. He comes back with two boxes. He gave one to me and one to my sister. At tht point I knew it was a phone!!! He gave me pink and my sister red. My mom could tell the look on my face wasn't good. He had mixed up the colors. My parents both know that I can't stand the color pink. So I got red, thank goodness.

My friend before had given me a whole list of numbers of my friends to text when I got a phone. So I started immediately. My sister didn't have any numbers so she was just figuring out a whole bunch of things th phone could do. You would think I would have been telling her how to do all this stuff, but was her!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

We Care About What We Learn

As I arrived at the Downtown Farmers Market this morning to volunteer at the Pioneer Hi-Bred Tent I was overwhelmed with excitement.  I get very excited when I can make a connection from what I've learned in the classroom or what any of my Tweeps are talking about.  Back to the story...!  Johnny (My Dad's friend) was teaching this one guy about planting corn.

This guy was very interested in what he was learning from this guy he never met!  He had questions, Johnny had answers.  I was really wishing I had my iPod Touch or a computer with me to blog about it while happening and record the conversation for you but it was farmers market. What could I expect? That goes to show that learning can happen anywhere.  "Learning Is Life, Education Is A System." as Russ Goerend says.

What would happen if this were to happen in a classroom? If we were able to learn about what we loved? Would youth enjoy coming to school more because they would learn about what they wanted?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Back To 6th Grade...

This probably wasn't the best title but it seemed like the best I could think of at this point in time.  Last night I was mentally reflecting about something very stupid that I said and for one reason or another this random event popped into my mind.  I am writing to perhaps figure out why I had thought of this.  Anyways here it goes...

It was just an ordinary in the spring of 2010.  We walked into science all 5 of our possy just as loud, rambunctious, and annoying as always.  You see we had science right after lunch so it wasn't that huge of a deal as long as we were quiet by the bell.  Our teacher had us write in our planners, get out our assignment from last night, and be ready for today's lab experiment.  I could see it coming from the front of the room,
"Johnny and Sally please finish your conversation", Said the teacher. 

I couldn't believe that is was just a warning!  Now to the actual part that sticks with me.

The same 2 people were whispering back and forth to each other while the teacher was reading. They were in the back of the room and sat right next to each other probably thinking no one would notice them or care.  Then just out of no where

"Write up your minor", Said the Teacher to Sally.

Lindey was closest to the middle row where she was noticeable.  Now my favorite part! I could see it in Johnny that it was really bugging him that they were both at fault but only one was punished.  She started reading aloud again.  That is when Johnny raised his hand and was called on.

He stuttered, "I was talking too..."

I could see that The Teacher was proud of him for standing up and taking his punishment.  It was almost like she did that on purpose to see what he would do.  Johnny did get a minor just like Sally but both of them never talked again...At least in that class.

"How do you change the world?"

"One Act of Random Kindness." ARK

If you've seen Evan Allmighty he does it a lot better than I can.

Passing Period to Remember

When I have thought recently about Middle School, one thing just keeps coming back to me.

There is this math teacher on the Orange Team.  On the first day of school everyone keeps there schedule/map in one hand and there books/binder in the other. So when I was looking at my schedule it read:
Period 2: P.E./Computer
I knew it was an A Day so I had P.E. The thing that always comes back to me is the I asked the math teacher where the gym was and he did a few weird steps to the left and said go straight. I felt so stupid that I could practically see the gym from where I was standing.
I think he remembers me asking him that because he always looks at me and talks to me funny in the halls. I feel embarrassed every time I see him like what is he gonna say?!?!?
It sounds kind of stupid, but I felt so weird after I left. Now I could do that with my eyes closed!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Molly's First Blog Post!!!!!

Hey guys! I just thought I would a blog post. Now this is completely random!!!!!!

I loved middle school! I thouht everyone was SO much nicer than in 5th grade. There also wasn't as many cliques. (That goes for mainly girls, not really boys) I had a ton of friends, too! I liked all of my teachers, therefore I learned a lot this year.

Now moving to Omaha I wonder if it will be the same things there. I am going to the best school in Omaha. (By talking to friends) I just wonder if I will have a bunch of friends. I also wonder if I will keep my friends from Waukee. I wasn't so thrilled about the splitting middle schools thing. A lot of my friends (almost all) were going to the new middle school. I would see them again in 9th grade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was not cool for me! I can't stand not seeing my friends over a long period of time.

So...there's my first blog post. Just some random stuff!!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Claire's First Blog Post!! :)

Hey everyone on blog!! This would be my first blog post since Ian set up this blog!! I really never got around to getting on it since my hectic soccer schedule has been on the fritz lately! By the way...its kind of a small world...Ian lives right by the practice field where we practice in soccer! (I just thought I'd throw that in there!)
Ian...this is for you! I'm going to be putting a new post on titled 'Ideas on What Ian C. can blog about' where I'll put on there...well...stuff that you can blog about!!!!!!!
Thanks Ian for talking me into this!!!!!!!!!! :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Blog Friends!

Somtime this week there will be 1, maybe 2 people joining the blog.  As you might have noticed there are all ready some physical changes such as the rethinking of a Title, Live To Learn, and the rethinking of a welcome message.  The old one was very lame but now I almost feel like we're back in style.  It reads, "We live to learn, and learn from living. Enjoy learning along with us on our journey." That was my most favorite part of the changes.

  • There's also going to be more ways of navigation. Where it reads Your writer's is where you can click and read our Blogger Profiles.  Not too much their because of privacy issues.
  • Where it says Writers Is where you can click to read ONLY the posts by that writer.
These will change and vary from time to time but will always be there in the same spot.

As always we ask for comments and love your feedback on everything!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Keep On Readin'

Hilarious remakes of popular songs just for the summer book clubs!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Middle School Reflections

I am starting a new segment here on the blog.  I have asked classmates if they would want to help me blog about middle school or other topics they like or we decide on as a group.  I suggested to start with a middle school reflection but it can go anywhere they'd like!  They all have Google accounts so I can just put them as a writer of the blog.  I would keep watch and reign over all things happening but like @russgoerend has done with his english blog that I am a student/part of.  In order to keep track of who is writing what I would pre-create all posts and label them with their name and as I please.  I am doing this to suck more people in and get them thinking about learning.  Please let me know if you have any suggestions as what you might do in this situation or stand point.  I will keep comments of how many email responses or interests I have.  Please keep checking back to see how this is working.  Thanks!
P.S. I sent an email to 8 friends tonight and can guarantee at least 2 of them will like this idea.